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Euro Scrubby

Product Brand:   CKS
Product Code:   L48DISP
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The CKS Kilo euro scrubby is an immensely versatile cloth which can really challenge anything in or out the household.  An environmentally friendly cloth which is 100% cotton it tackles all kinds of materials and surfaces which include Porcelain, Marble & Tile, Glass, Teflon, Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Cooktops, Cookware and the list really goes on. All this is possible without the need off detergent this really is the ultimate cloth.

 The kilo euro scrubby can be cleaned in the washing machine which ensures it’s longevity against the vast majority of cloths on the market.

 Can be safely used on:


 Non stick surfaces

 Stainless steel




 Also great for cleaning:


 Sports equipment

 Outdoor furniture

 Garden tools